Smart bottle magic

Genie-S makes it easy to carry, refill and spray fragrance and other atomizable liquids on the go.

More than able to please

The innovative Genie-S brings many benefits for the carry of small liquid dispensers.


Take your favourite fragrance anywhere thanks to a discreet, lightweight, durable, spray bottle that fits right in your hand.


Decant and swap out fragrances using our innovative Genie-S bottle technologies. Mess-free and no fiddly tools required.


Apply fragrance as a fine atomized spray. Enjoy customizability both inside and out for the ultimate smart scent accessory.


Spray, refill and repeat. Replace single-use plastics and disposable containers with a durable, long-lasting liquid carrier.

Our brands

Be transformed. Premium capsules that add a luxurious touch to using liquids while travelling

Match the look with the mood. Accessible stylish vials in a range of compelling colors and designs

Opportunities await. Leading brands and retailers already use Genie-S to sell their own bespoke bottles

Our awards

Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong
Most Innovative Company of the Year @ Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong
Beauty Challenger Awards
Travalo Classic Excel, “Best Beauty Accessory”
Buyers’ Forum: Frontier
Travalo Classic Excel, “Buyer’s Choice of the Year”
Watsons HWB Awards
Travalo Classic Excel, "Best Travel Essential"
Style: Beauty, Best Buys
Travalo Classic Excel, Style Magazine Singapore “Best Beauty Buy”
Red Dot
Travalo Classic Excel, Product Design

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