Be transformed

Premium capsules that add a luxurious touch to using liquids while travelling.

Genie-S launched Travalo in 2010. An award-winning brand, Travalo has numerous product collections made of high quality materials appealing to the tastes of discerning travellers.

Be imaginative

Accessible stylish vials in a range of compelling colors and designs.

Launched in 2018, Perfume Pod collections combine practical product performance with simple design. Perfect for adventurers, party-goers and self-confessed style swappers.

your brand

Opportunities await. Leading brands and retailers already use Genie-S to sell their own bespoke bottles.

As an original equipment manufacturer, Genie-S can make bottles that fit the requirements of our clients and appeal to their conscientious customers. From luxury and fashion to even health, wellness and eco-friendly product brands, any atomizable liquid can complement Genie-S.

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